1. MEETING OF GOOD AND BAD PEOPLE: In life you will always meet the wrong people before you get to the right person.

In life, while moving on there are so many things about life that we should know:

you meeting one or two bad people does not mean that there are no good people

in this life out of 100% of humans, we have 89% of bad people and 21% of good people,

so always pray for you to meet the good ones.

2. Life is full of mystery but after the rain comes sunshine: Life has a lot of difficult sides and it takes a long time but always know those good days are ahead of you in whatever decision you want to make.

3. Life has a lot to offer both good and bad but is left for you to choose the right one: In life always look at tomorrow and not today cause tomorrow is very important so always make your decision wisely in whatever you are doing.

4. It is not easy to stay in this life without having a misunderstanding with one or two-person: In life no matter how you avoid problems it will surely come to you it might pass through whatever way but always learn to forgive, cause in life people are bound to offend you, but you should always learn to forgive and forget.

6. Every day we wake up life takes us to a different level and gives us a different understanding of things, so every day we wake up we should be ready to learn whatever life has to teach us for that day.

7. Always learn to be happy no matter what the condition or situation looks like.

8. Don’t let your life make decisions for you always decide for yourself.

9. Always learn to live a healthy life also cox it helps a lot.

10. And let God be the utmost ruler in whatever you do in life.

Apply all this and see how your life changes for the better in different ways and different aspects.

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